Flatten Your Flab!


Feels like a warm hug
all day long.


Made from a proprietary, specially designed, military grade stretch fabric.


Smooths your silhouette. and flattens your flab.  Have a better body right now!

"I look better in everything I wear. It's that simple."

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Wunderbelt results!

"It's comfortable enough to wear all day and no one even knows I have it on!"

slim in the Summer!

Proudly Made in America

Every Wunderbelt is made in America, keeping jobs at home.

Get The Original!

We’re so excited to introduce America to the all new Wunderbelt!
Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Look for the Wunderbelt tag!

Slim In The

Need something to hide those extra holiday pounds? WUNDERBELT will help you fit back into those favorite pants!

"I never do a show without my Wunderbelt. My confidence on stage has increased so dramatically!!"

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