Nothing helps like a

WUNDERBELT, the original UNDERBELT for men, is specially designed to lift and tighten your stomach, helping you look slimmer in casual dress and formal wear!

Made in America from a proprietary poly-nylon stretch fabric, WUNDERBELT is specially designed for
strength, comfort and functionality.
WUNDERBELT smooths your silhouette and flattens your flab with no clasps, snaps or Velcro. Its machine washable, breathable, and form fitting. WUNDERBELT adds support and slims your waistline, and is comfortable enough to wear all day long!   WUNDERBELT is a wardrobe essential for every man.

Look great and feel more confident


No clasps, snaps or Velcro!

When diets and exercise don't get rid of that flab, hide it with a

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wunderbelt will help fit you into that old suit!

Invented, designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, the WUNDERBELT addresses a very specific problem almost all men have - BELLY FLAB!

Biologically, men naturally accumulate more fat around their waistlines as they age and it’s the type of fat that’s hard to remove.

The WUNDERBELT's specially designed, one piece constructed, military grade fabric both stretches with the contours of your body and forms your shape into a flattering, more attractive silhouette .

The WUNDERBELT has no buttons, snaps, clasps or Velcro. Its fitted one piece construction is available in all waist sizes. Wunderbelt even keeps working to improve your silhouette after you take it off!

Enjoy your Wunderbelt for years as it's nylon poly woven stretch fabric is both durable and fully machine washable.

Look better right now with your new WUNDERBELT… The original UNDERBELT for men!

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